Luke Preston

Digital Marketing Specialist | Project Manager

Paid Social Media & Lead Gen.
Content Creation & Editing
Search Engine Optimisation
Project Management
Prototyping & Design
Analytics & Reporting
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What do I do?

I am a talented digital marketer and project manager with a variety of skills and experience ranging from design & prototyping to content creation, SEO, and remarketing & lead generation. 

Combining these skills I lead, manage and implement digital marketing projects with effective communication, inspiration, and delegation of resources, within quality, time and budget requirements. 

Paid Social Media & Lead

With extensive Facebook for Business experience, I've been able to leverage this vast ecosystem as a top lead source with a very economical investment and resulting cost per lead. Combining my skills in correct Facebook pixel implmentation, audience building and segmenting, catalogue building, together with my skills in copywriting and design, I use a combination of remarketing, catalogue and lead adverts to compliment existing campaigns and targeted channels.

In in my current role I've grown this strategy from zero to the biggest source of leads, generating on average 54% of total leads, consistently at the lowest cost per lead and with the ability to scale. This strategy has application to many products and services beyond my current focus in the motoring industry.

Copywriting, Content
Creation & Editing

I have a passion for writing - my journey in digital marketing started with content generation (motoring journalism). I've written thousands of words for various industries in a variety of tones from conversational and entertaining to corporate.

I fully understand Google Keyword Planner - using it to generate SEO friendly content and in my current role collaberate with an internationally respected freelance motoring journalist (Calvin Fisher - former Top Gear SA and Top Car editor), editing and publishing all content on Carshop, via a custom CMS I helped develop.

Search Engine Optimisation

As the custodian of the digital product in my current role, I'm directly responsible for all SEO, I've written nearly all of the current SEO material on the site, understand and implement best practice SEO fundamentals, yet I acknowledge I have much to learn in this constantly evolving space. 

I am proficient in many Google products including Keyword Planner, Analytics, Tag Manager as well as third-party tools such as Longtail Pro/Screaming Frog. Managing a relationship between a specialist agency (Jellyfish) who helped with the site transition/relaunch and in developing a strategy to include the site's new capabilities, I learned a tremendous amount, broadening my SEO understanding and knowledge.


Leading, managing and implementing your next digital marketing project with effective communication, inspiration, and delegation of resources.

With a wide range of digital skills and experience, I can deliver on your projects’ digital lifecycle within quality, time and budget requirements.

Prototyping &

Using Photoshop and Illustrator for simple flat design and layout - as well as creative collateral (eg Social Media) - I employ to bring these designs to life allowing all stakeholders to 'scratch and sniff' their next project, fix possible stumbling blocks and dead-ends, and interact in real-time. 

While I am no developer, I can speak 'developer', combining my basic understanding of Html and CSS to effectively translate the demands of the design with the reality of the developers. Instead of explaining or documenting where a click or tap will take you, with high-fidelity prototypes you can explore, for real.

Scratch and sniff here for an example.

Analytics &

I have a thorough understanding of Google Analytics, translating website data into useful, actionable insights. I am proficient in Google Tag Manager and Facebook Events Manager, using Pixel data and conversion tracking to segment audiences for audience/lookalike audience building.

I am also proficient in Microsoft Excel, using it to further import data to better understand and dissect it.


inCharge Keyring Cables South Africa

Side project

BrewSpoon - Single Cup Filter Coffee in Minutes

Side project

Who am I?

I am 38 years old. Husband to Tracey, full-time Dad to Knox (6) and Zac (5), part-time Dad to Vaughn (11), and Stepdad to Jemma (17).

We are passionate and patriotic South Africans currently living in Johannesburg. South Africa is a wonderfully diverse and beautiful country and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to live here and are very grateful, but there is also increasing instability and economic uncertainty.

It is for this reason, and the responsibility to give our children the best possible future, that we are committed to possibly relocating to another country. 

Wait there's more

On a more personal level... I am driven and passionate about learning and development, both in my personal capacity as an individual, a husband and a father, and within work my relationships with colleagues and managers.

I seek strong female and male mentorship and leadership, particularly men who openly cherish and champion the women in their lives and in their employment.

I yearn for an environment where learning is encouraged and mistakes are seen as opportunities to grow, where work, play, and mental well-being are appreciated individually on the finely balanced scale of life.

I seek out the writings of Rand Fishkin, Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hannsson and others, and I make time every day to talk, listen to and learn from my wife Tracey and my boys Knox and Zac. They are my constant, honest mirrors.

I'm outspoken about the relationship between physical and mental well-being and advocate from my own personal journey of changing my life with exercise, hoping to inspire others to try the same. From time to time I document some of my journey here.


Luke Gerald Preston 

South African, Married (RSA & UK Passport holder)

Dependants: Full-time Knox (6) and Zac (5), part-time Jemma (17) and Vaughn (11)

Date of Birth: 10/02/1981 (Durban, South Africa)

Driving Licence: Full - car and bike


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